Frequently Asked Questions
How does automatic renewal work?
Looking to renew your Highlights subscription? You can reply to renewal notices or opt for seamless and convenient Continuous Service. Also learn how to tell when a subscription expires and when it might be time to switch magazines.
How can I update my credit card information?
Need to change your credit card for a Continuous Service subscription? It's easy! And, if a charge declines, we'll send an invoice. Note: specific charge dates can't be set at this time.
How do I cancel or change my order?
Ready to switch your Highlights magazine level or cancel a subscription? It's simple! Upgrade or switch to suit your child's age at any time, online or by phone. Want to cancel? Do it online or call our Customer Care team. Your subscription can grow and adapt with you.
Terms & Conditions
Before ordering, familiarize yourself with our subscription terms. Your subscription will auto-renew at current rates. You'll receive a reminder before renewal and can switch magazines as your child grows. Cancellations and refunds are available.
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What types of payments do you accept?
Shop securely at Highlights.com with flexible payment options including major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. Your credit card is charged only upon order shipment. Purchase orders are only accepted for bulk orders.
Will there be sales tax on my order?
How does Highlights.com handle sales tax? Sales tax is estimated at checkout and is based on your delivery address, accounting for applicable state and local taxes. Please note, the final amount might change after order processing. 
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How long will it take my order to arrive?
Get initial magazine issues in 4-6 weeks, with special timing for holiday gift subscriptions; other subscription items in 2-4 weeks. Standard delivery for merchandise is 1-2 weeks. For faster merchandise shipping, choose Express or Rush Delivery.
Does Highlights ship internationally?
Highlights, High Five, High Five Bilingüe and Hello magazines are available in the U.S. and Canada. However, merchandise, subscription boxes, and brainPLAY magazine are exclusive to U.S. addresses, including Hawaii and Alaska.
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How do I return or exchange an item?
Highlights guarantees 100% satisfaction. To return or modify an order, contact Customer Service. Refund processing takes 2-3 weeks. Some prices may have risen due to increases in costs of postage, paper and shipping.
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How can I update my account?
Highlights updated its system in March 2023 for enhanced security, which requires new passwords. Check out faster with an account. To update email, click 'Account' on Highlights.com or use Customer Service options via email, chat or phone.
What is the Highlights Privacy Policy?
We offer safe online ordering via SSL encryption, shown by a lock icon on your browser. We're committed to privacy; see our Privacy Policy. We may share your contact info with vetted companies. Update your choices at Communications Preferences.
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How do I get a free 2-month trial subscription to Tinkergarten?
Subscribe to any magazine on Highlights.com and get a FREE 2-month trial subscription to Tinkergarten. After you checkout, check your inbox for an email to redeem this offer on Tinkergarten.com.
What are the offer details?
Highlights provides a summary of all offers currently on site.
What is Highlights Cash?
Highlights Cash is your key to online savings. Earn rewards on qualifying purchases and redeem during specified periods. Note, it's not legal tender and can't be refunded. Check your email for opportunities and get unique codes to use at checkout.
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What gift services are available?
While Highlights doesn't offer gift cards, wrapping, or international subscriptions, we do have thoughtful gifting options. You can make your gift special with personalized announcements. Explore various ways to gift the joy of learning.
How can I contact Highlights Customer Service?
We have convenient ways for you to reach out. Customer Service is open weekdays, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. Prefer online interaction? Use our email form or live chat. Although we don't have retail stores, you'll find our products in other locations.
Does Highlights offer a discount for bulk, group or classroom subscriptions?
Highlights offers discounts on bulk, group or classroom subscriptions. For orders of 15 or more magazines sent to the same address, special pricing applies. Use our online form to learn more and submit your order.
What is Highlights Early Learning?
Highlights Early Learning offers early childhood education resources that bring out the best in young children. This includes our new classroom curriculum, Preschool with a Purpose, designed for children ages 3-5.
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