Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy & Security

What is your customer promotion/communication policy?
Customers aren't always aware of the variety of our product lines, so we may contact you to let you know about exciting new products that we regularly release. Also, we sometimes make customer names and addresses available to other carefully screened companies whose products we believe might be of interest. If you don't want to receive such mailings, you can change your settings using our Communications Preferences form. Please be assured that we DO NOT release children's names to other companies.
Is it safe to order online?
It is completely safe to order online from Highlights.com. When we prompt you for credit card information, we encrypt the number for security. This is called Secure Socket Layer. You will notice a lock and key icon in the lower-left hand corner of your browser. The lock closes when you submit the order from our secure shopping cart.
Does Highlights protect my privacy?
We always protect personal privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy for complete details.
Why am I being asked to reset my password?
We’ve recently upgraded our system to be easier and more secure for customers. The new system requires customers to create a new password, which can then be used to sign in for any service on our website – including ordering and managing accounts.