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Our award-winning magazines deliver a dose of positive encouragement in every issue, keeping kids inspired and challenged all year long.
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Highlights magazine front cover.
Highlights Magazine Subscription Ages: 6 - 12

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brainPLAY magazine.
brainPLAY Magazine Subscription Ages: 7+

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Highlights High Five magazine front cover.
High Five Magazine Subscription Ages: 2 - 6

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Hello magazine cover
Hello Magazine Subscription Ages: 0 - 2

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Highlights High Five Bilingüe front cover.
Highlights High Five Bilingüe Ages: 3 - 5

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brainPLAY + Highlights Magazine Bundle.
brainPLAY + Highlights Magazine — 1 Year Subscription Bundle Ages: 7+

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$59.95 Reg. $119.82
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For over 75 years, Highlights kids magazines have delivered Fun with a Purpose to kids everywhere, inviting kids to explore new topics, tackle brain-boosting challenges and find out about themselves and the world around them. Our magazines for kids encourage thinking, creativity, self-expression, helping kids build literacy and other life skills — all while having fun!

Perfect for kids ages 6-12, a subscription to Highlights magazine will bring new stories, games, puzzles, riddles, experiments, crafts and activities that are just as entertaining as they are educational. Engaging poems and stories will show kids the joy of reading for fun, while nonfiction articles introduce them to new ideas and expand their empathy.

Your preschooler or kindergartner will be delighted with a subscription to High Five, because it's designed and written just for their age group! This exciting, fun-filled magazine is developed by early childhood experts to encourage and inspire tender hearts and curious young minds. For the littlest bookworms, Hello magazine brings read-aloud stories, word play and bright images babies and caregivers will love enjoying together.

The newest addition to our collection of magazines for kids, brainPLAY is the ultimate all-puzzle magazine. Delivered every other month, each issue is bursting with all kinds of puzzles! From the front cover to the answer key, find 32 pages of challenging but achievable puzzles for young super solvers ages 7+.

With a subscription for every age, stage and interest, Highlights is a trusted name in kids magazines. We’ve mailed over 1.3 million magazines and counting! Find the perfect subscription to fit your family and send kids some mailbox magic today.