Frequently Asked Questions


Renewals & Continuous Service
Looking to renew your Highlights subscription? You can reply to renewal notices or opt for seamless and convenient Continuous Service. Also learn how to tell when a subscription expires and when it might be time to switch magazines.
Credit Card Payments
Need to change your credit card for a Continuous Service subscription? It's easy! And, if a charge declines, we'll send an invoice. Note: specific charge dates can't be set at this time.
Change or Cancel
Ready to switch your Highlights magazine level or cancel a subscription? It's simple! Upgrade or switch to suit your child's age at any time, online or by phone. Want to cancel? Do it online or call our Customer Care team. Your subscription can grow and adapt with you.
Terms & Conditions
Before ordering, familiarize yourself with our subscription terms. Your subscription will auto-renew at current rates. You'll receive a reminder before renewal and can switch magazines as your child grows. Cancellations and refunds are available.