Frequently Asked Questions

How does automatic renewal work?

Termed vs. Continuous Service: Which to Choose?

A term subscription lasts only as long as the time period you select when you first purchase it; however, you will receive email or regular mail renewal notices, in case you wish to continue. A Continuous Service subscription, which most online purchasers are enrolled in, renews automatically at the end of each term, charged to your credit card on file, until you tell us to stop. 

How to choose which is best for you? It might depend on why you bought it. If it’s a one-time gift that you’re pretty sure you won’t want to renew, go for the term subscription. 

If you’re a dedicated Highlights fan who wants to keep the fun coming, you’ll love the convenience of Continuous Service. It will save you time, money, gas and effort, because you won’t need to fill out forms, buy stamps or make a trip to the post office. It’s good for the environment too, because you won’t get wasteful paper renewal notices; you’ll just get one email each enrollment term prior to the subscription renewal. And you can be sure that the child who loves the subscription won’t miss a single delivery!

How do I know which subscription is right for my child?

We have a Highlights magazine subscription to meet your needs, with 5 kid magazines for ages 0 to 12.
Hello magazine – ages 0-2 – It’s never too early to encourage a love of books and reading, so Hello magazine by Highlights is made to be shared between parents or other caregivers and their little ones for bonding and having fun together. Plus, it’s tear-proof and water-resistant, and just the right size for little hands.
High Five magazine – ages 2-6 – Preschoolers and kindergartners will love High Five magazine’s colorful stories, poems, crafts, puzzles, recipes and more. High Five is for kids with longer attention spans, who are eager to learn new things, and who can understand puzzles and enjoy a challenge.
High Five Bilingüe magazine – ages 2-6 – High Five Bilingüe is perfect for helping young children learn a second language, whether English or Spanish. It’s styled just like High Five, with lots of colorful stories and activities in Spanish in the first half of the magazine, which are repeated in English in the second half.
Highlights magazine – ages 6-12 – Our flagship magazine helps kids explore new topics, investigate fascinating subjects and find out about the world. It’s for kids who like longer, more complex stories and enjoy the wordplay of jokes and brainteasers.
brainPLAY magazine – ages 7+ – brainPLAY is our all-puzzle magazine, packed with photo puzzles, logic games, silly riddles and SO. MUCH. FUN. It’s for kids who flip to the puzzle pages first, get tickled by tricky challenges and LOVE the satisfaction of the solve. Grown-ups enjoy it too!

If you’re finding it hard to choose, relax! No matter which of the Highlights magazines you start with, you can always switch to another level when your child is ready. We’ll even send you a reminder or two when we think it might be time. It’s always free — and easy — to switch! The only exception is brainPLAY, which has only 1 level and is on a different shipping schedule (every other month).

How do I renew my subscription(s)?

There are two ways to renew subscriptions. You may reply to a renewal notice that comes via regular mail or email, or enroll in Continuous Service. The benefit of Continuous Service is that you don't have to do anything! About 30-45 days before your subscription expires, we'll send you a one-time reminder that we’ll be charging your credit card for your renewal.

If you receive a notice via regular mail, you can renew by returning the form through the mail, or by signing into your account at Highlights.com, or contacting Customer Service by phone. If you receive email notices, you’ll find a link inside to renew online.

How will I be notified that my Continuous Service subscription is going to be renewed?

You will get an email reminder 30-45 days before your credit card will be charged. Be sure to have the appropriate email address in your contact list so the email doesn’t go to the spam box. 

  • If you subscribed to Hello magazine, expect an email from Highlights_Hello@order.highlights.com. 
  • If you subscribed to High Five magazine, expect an email from Highlights_High_Five@order.highlights.com.
  • If you subscribed to Highlights magazine, expect an email from Highlights_Magazine@order.highlights.com.

How early do you begin sending out renewal notices via mail and email to customers?

We send the first renewal notification when there are about 6 issues remaining for magazines, or 3 issues remaining for brainPLAY subscriptions. This can vary depending on the time of year you subscribed or if you subscribed through one of our promotional campaigns.

How many renewal notices will I receive?

The number will vary depending on how and when you ordered, and whether you enrolled in Continuous Service. If you enrolled in Continuous Service, 30-45 days before your subscription expires, we'll send you a single reminder before we charge your credit card. Others will receive a series of email and/or printed notices, beginning several months before expiration. Once you respond to a renewal notice, you won’t receive any further notices.

How can I tell when my magazine subscription will expire?

The expiration issue can be found on the address label on each monthly issue.

On printed renewal notices, the expiration issue is located by the name and address of the recipient.

The expiration date is not provided on renewal emails, but if you click the “Renew Now” link, the expiration issue is clearly displayed with your account information.

You can also contact Customer Service at 1-800-255-9517, CustomerService@Highlights.com, or https://shop.highlights.com/customer-service/ at shop.highlights.com if you have questions about when your subscription will expire. 

Will I still get renewal notifications?

If you’re on Continuous Service, you will only receive a single email 30-45 days before expiration, to remind you that the credit card charge will be processed soon. Be sure to have either Highlights_Hello@order.highlights.com, Highlights_High_Five@order.highlights.com or Highlights_Magazine@order.highlights.com in your contact list so the email doesn’t go to the spam folder.

How will Highlights handle subscriptions in states that require a double opt-in for automatic renewals?

Highlights has removed the Continuous Service automatic enrollment from all orders with a Vermont billing address. If you wish to be enrolled in auto-renew, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-255-9517 or Highlights.com/Customer-Service.

When will my quarterly subscription renew?

Subscribers who receive quarterly shipments are billed in the first week of each quarter. If you sign up as a new subscriber at the end of a quarter, you will be charged for the next quarter’s box when that quarter starts, no matter how soon afterward it happens. Because of shipping times, it might even be before your first box arrives. In that case, you will likely receive two boxes within a short time, and you’ll be charged in short order as well. In case of shipping delays (which may affect billing dates), please call Customer Service at 1-800-962-3661.

Quarterly Renewal Billing Schedule:

  • Summer: First Week of June
  • Fall: First Week of September
  • Winter: First Week of December
  • Spring: First Week of March