Highlights For Children - YouTube

Created for preschoolers to help them explore, learn and become their best selves, this channel is packed with hours of fun, expertly curated for ages 3 to 5.

On this channel, preschoolers will enjoy ...

  • Follow-along animated stories
  • My First Hidden Pictures
  • That's Silly puzzles
  • And more!

Created especially for kids ages 6 to 12 to help them pursue what they love most — FUN! From stories and puzzles to fun and learning, this channel brings Highlights magazine to life.

On this channel, kids will enjoy …

  • Ever Wonder? videos
  • Animated science & geography videos
  • Jokes told by kids
  • Hidden Pictures puzzles
  • Crafts & recipes
  • And more!

Created for the grown-ups of Highlights kids, this channel features informative videos to support parents, teachers and other caregivers as they help children become their best selves.

On this channel, we'll share ...

  • Our Highlights@Home series
  • Educational insights from our editors
  • New products from Highlights
  • And more!

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