Sustainability at Highlights

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Our Belief 

Highlights is committed to continual improvement of our environmental impact. We strive to make responsible, sound business decisions and, wherever feasible, integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our operations. We know that environmental stewardship is an ongoing challenge and an ongoing learning experience. To strengthen our sustainability, we’ll continue to learn about best practices and follow industry, environmental and conservation organizations to do what’s best for our company, our planet and the families we serve.

​​We care about children of today and tomorrow and the health of the world they inherit. We believe that kids, their families and their teachers benefit greatly from experiencing and reading print-on-paper products: books, magazines and hands-on FUN WITH A PURPOSE activities. While we also support and develop electronic and alternative media experiences for children, we believe that such products and activities do not replace the unique specialness and educational value of using books, magazines and other printed materials.

Our Vision

Highlights is committed to protecting the environment and to the responsible use of natural resources. As a magazine and book publisher, with paper as a core part of our business, we’re concerned about the future of the world’s forests and the sustainability of paper production. Therefore, we will globally implement policies that support the preservation of forest biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and forests of exceptional conservation value. These policies will advance the best possible practices within the magazine, book and paper industries.

Highlights partners with respected paper and printing companies that are committed to improving the environmental and social impact of paper used in magazines, books and marketing efforts. As responsible citizens of the world, we strive to balance the material and economic needs of our customers and employees with the values of social responsibility and accountability.

Our Commitments 

  • Increase the use of recycled fiber paper, certified papers (such as FSC, CSA, SFI, and PEFC), elemental chlorine-free papers, processed chlorine-free papers and environmentally friendly inks

  • Reduce waste through good marketing list management, and responsible practices in our warehouses and business offices

  • Optimize internal recycling programs, paper reduction programs and energy conservation programs

  • Improve efficiency of distribution activities in an effort to reduce overall carbon footprint

  • Prioritize partnerships with vendors who (1) commit to making environmental, health and safety considerations priorities in existing and new operating facilities; (2) practice responsible environmental procedures and programs to reduce energy consumption and utilize renewable energy sources; and (3) monitor, document and report continuous improvement of their performance.

  • Encourage our customers to reuse magazines, books and educational products by sharing them with others in their communities

  • Encourage our readers to develop a lifelong love of nature, respect for the environment, and desire to nurture and protect the earth

  • Set benchmarks and document continuous improvement in these areas toward the achievement of these goals

  • Seek alternatives to non-renewable materials, such as single-use plastics, as we continue to develop new products each season 

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