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Hidden Pictures SUPER CHALLENGE Puzzle Book Subscription — Flex Term

Ages 9+

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You've Never Seen Hidden Pictures Puzzles Like These Before!

Hidden Pictures puzzles have been given a boost of variety and complexity to transform into the Super Challenge level of Hidden Pictures Club. More challenge equals more fun!

Super Challenge has puzzle types that are only found in this level of Hidden Pictures Club:

  • A Wrap-Around Cover puzzle, with hidden objects on the front cover, and the word clues themselves hidden on the back!
  • 6 By Six, a new concept with a single list of word clues and 6 small puzzles. Kids have the added challenge of figuring out which clues go with which puzzles.
  • Secret Code puzzles – crack the code to find the clue list
  • Hidden in Plain Sight puzzles that camouflage the hidden objects in real photographs
  • And much more!

Puzzles Within Puzzles

Hidden Pictures Super Challenge has added layers of game play on each page, so each puzzle is more than just a scene with hidden objects. With each puzzle, kids will learn fun facts, strengthen school skills or explore our fascinating world.

Some of the double-duty fun includes:

  • Quiz puzzles that feature in-depth looks at interesting animals or other items
  • Geography adventures to famous sights on planet Earth
  • Word searches, codes and other word games that provide the Hidden Pictures clues
  • Silly fill-ins that use the hidden object names to make zany stories

Skill-Building Fun

While there's lots that's new and different about Hidden Pictures Super Challenge, it still includes all the skill-building fun you've come to expect. As always, Highlights products nurture:

  • Visual perception
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Fine motor skills
  • Logic and problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Concentration and persistence

The Right Level of Challenge

Hidden Pictures Club delivers fun and variety kids can't resist, along with quality and value parents appreciate.

You'll always get the most age-appropriate activities for your child. If you start with the Hidden Pictures Super Challenge level and find it too challenging, simply contact us and we'll switch you to the more achievable EAGLE-EYE or LET'S PLAY level at any time.

Get a free printable gift announcement and let them know their gift is on its way! Get a free printable gift announcement and let them know their gift is on its way!

A Different Take on a Highlights Favorite

Hidden Pictures Super Challenge has been created to satisfy the most passionate puzzlers. This more challenging level of puzzles takes a little extra effort but is also extra rewarding.

  • 36 pages of puzzle fun for quiet time or for sharing with friends
  • 2 new puzzle books every three weeks
  • Full-color illustrations or photos on every page
  • Recurring characters and unique puzzle challenges
  • Sticker activities in each book
  • Practice in school skills
  • Perfect for long car rides, rainy days and restaurants
  • Easy to switch levels

When you order a HIDDEN PICTURES SUPER CHALLENGE puzzle book subscription today, you’ll get 2 puzzle books in your first delivery. Your first shipment will arrive within 2 to 4 weeks. Subsequent deliveries will arrive every three weeks, conveniently charged to your credit card; pay as you go ($6.95 per book + $3.49 shipping) and cancel anytime. No minimum purchase.

All payments are in U.S. dollars. Sales tax will be collected where applicable. As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you're not happy, please contact us.

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