Longest Hidden Pictures Puzzle Ever + Puzzle Fun 2020 Collection

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title-holder for “Longest Hidden Picture Puzzle”! Find 280 hidden objects in this amazing NEW 16-foot scene of a relay race through a city. It’s our longest puzzle EVER: so long, it folds up into a book! It’s great for hours’ worth of solo play, or working on as a group at family get-togethers, holiday parties or while watching the grandchildren. There’s room for everyone to take part in the fun! Runners race over giant bridges, through a museum, in a subway tunnel and more fascinating locations. It’s printed on sturdy paper that’s perfect for coloring with markers or crayons, too. Answers for each “page” are on the back of that page. And this bundle also includes our all-new Puzzle Fun 2020 Collection. If you love our annual Hidden Pictures book collections, you’ll love this set, too. Sure to become another favorite of grown-ups and kids alike for its variety and cleverness, it includes Emoji Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Amazing Mazes and Photo Double Check.
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