Hidden Pictures

Our iconic puzzles are just as fun as you remember!
Tap into curiosity and allow kids to see their world in a new way. Boost visual acuity, concentration and creative problem-solving, too.
2021 Collection
Hidden Pictures Books for Ages 6 and Over
My First Books for Ages 2 through 5
Sticker Books

2021 Hidden Pictures Collection

This 4-book set of HIDDEN PICTURES puzzles includes 96 pages of puzzling fun in all! Challenge their attention to detail, boost creative problem-solving and build confidence with this best-selling collection.

Hidden Pictures Books

Perfect for ages 6 and up, our HIDDEN PICTURES books are packed with fun puzzles to engage your Super Solvers! Boost their confidence, encourage creative problem-solving and join in the fun, too!

My First Hidden Pictures

Give kids ages 2 to 5 their first taste of HIDDEN PICTURES fun! They’ll love the word and picture clues, plus, dozens of stickers to help them find hidden objects. Reinforce fine motor skills, attention to detail and concentration, too.

Sticker Books

Dinosaurs, unicorns and more! Our HIDDEN PICTURES sticker books are a fun twist on our classic seek-and-find puzzles.