Frequently Asked Questions


How early do you begin sending out renewal notices via mail and email to customers?
Generally, we begin sending renewal notifications when there are about 6 issues remaining or 3 issues remaining for brainPLAY subscriptions. This can vary depending on the time of year you subscribed or if you subscribed through one of our promotional campaigns.
How can I tell when my subscription will expire?
On renewal notices, the expiration issue is located by the name and address of the recipient. The expiration date is not provided on renewal emails, but if you click the “Renew Now” link, the expiration issue is clearly displayed with your account information.  The expiration issue can be found on the address label on each monthly issue.  You can also contact Customer Service at 1-800-255-9517, CustomerService@Highlights.com, or live chat at shop.highlights.com if you have questions about when your subscription will expire. 
How can I renew my subscription(s)?
If you enrolled in Continuous Service, you don't have to do anything! A few months before your subscription expires, we'll send you a reminder before we charge your credit card for your automatic renewal. Otherwise, you will receive renewal notices via regular mail or email. If by mail, you can renew by returning the form through the mail, by signing into your account at Highlights.com, or contacting Customer Service by phone. Email notices include a link to renew online.
How many renewal notices will I receive?
This will vary depending on how and when you order, and whether you enrolled in Continuous Service. If you enrolled in Continuous Service, a few months before your subscription expires, we'll send you a reminder before we charge your credit card. Others will receive a series of email and/or printed notices, beginning several months before expiration. Once you respond to a renewal notice, future notices will stop.
When will my quarterly subscription renew?
Quarterly subscribers are billed in the first week of each quarter. If you sign up as a new member at the end of a quarter, you will be charged for the next quarter’s box when that quarter starts, no matter how soon afterward it happens. Because of shipping times, it might even be before your first box arrives. So you will likely receive two boxes within a short time, and you’ll be charged in short order as well. Renewal Billing Schedule: - Summer: First Week of June - Fall: First Week of September - Winter: First Week of December - Spring: First Week of March