Back-to-School Success Pack, Kindergarten

Ages 4-7
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Set the stage for a strong start to the new school year with the Back-to-School Success Pack for Kindergarten! Each carefully crafted product is developed with education experts and blends puzzles and humor with important kindergarten skills. Highlights knows kids and knows how to make learning fun — so kids don’t even realize that they’re learning.

  • Aligned with school standards, the award-winning Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook will get your kindergartner excited about learning. Our big kindergarten workbook has more than 250 colorful, vibrant pages packed with puzzles, humor and skills practice designed to help your child acquire all the skills needed in kindergarten. From colors and shapes, to letters and numbers, and even early reading and math skills, the exercises and activities in these kindergarten workbooks will boost their confidence and concentration — and supplement what they’re learning in school. When your child completes the book, celebrate by hanging the Certificate of Achievement on the wall or fridge. The book also has an introduction with easy tips for parents.
  • Write-on Wipe-off: Let’s Trace makes mastering the fine motor skills of pen control a fun activity. The thick, dotted lines and wide paths are simple to follow, and unlike printable kindergarten worksheets, each erasable page is ready for unlimited tries.
  • The 48-page Kindergarten Learning Fun Workbook: Reading includes lessons on letters, phonetics, sight words, comprehension, writing and more. It comes with a certificate of achievement and answers at the back.
  • Learn on the Go Practice Pad: Learning Numbers makes it easy and fun to master the basics of letters and numbers. Better than random learning numbers worksheets you might find online, this 64-page pad aligns with school standards, so you know your kids are getting the kind of practice that will be useful in the classroom. And it's the perfect size to take anywhere.
  • Nick and Nack Fly a Kite is an innovative, kindergarten reading level book that combines leveled readers with puzzles. The combo boosts reading confidence, encourages re-reading and provides extra opportunities for vocabulary enrichment. Creative kids will also love the bonus STEM activity that shows them how to build their own project. 32 Pages.

Together the components of this Back-to-School Success Pack for Kindergarten will help your child have a great start to the school year.

This pack includes:

  • Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook
  • Write-On Wipe-Off: Let’s Trace with dry-erase marker
  • Learning Fun Workbook: Reading
  • Learn on the Go Practice Pad: Learning Numbers
  • Puzzle Readers Level 1: Nick and Nack Fly a Kite
  • Heavy-duty, reusable zipper bag to protect your books 
  • Back-to-School Learning Guide

Product Details:
Contents: 4 Paperback books, 1 dry-erase book, 1 dry-erase marker, 1 Back-to-School Learning Guide, 1 reusable bag
Pages: Varies per book
Product Dimensions: largest 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
ISBN: 9781639620449
Ages: 4-7


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