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  • Professionally narrated stories
  • Multiple reading levels for ages 4–10
  • Interactive questions and answers
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Dive Into a World of Interactive Storybook Fun for Kids!

Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo boosts kids’ reading and listening comprehension through professionally narrated, interactive stories. Highlights’ unique approach to “Fun with a Purpose” helps engage children through entertaining stories, while also promoting skills that help lead to success in school — and beyond!

Children and parents can start using the skill by selecting a reading exercise level and story. A friendly narrator begins reading selections from the storybook. After each narration, children are asked questions about the story, which they can verbally answer. Alexa identifies whether the answer is correct or incorrect.

If children need help, they can ask to repeat the question, ask for a hint, answer again or skip. After each set of questions, the narrator continues, so that children can practice listening and participating in different exercises. 

Here’s some of the great content you’ll find:

  • Level 1: Enjoy the Show, Bea and Lop, Pigs in My Garden, Davy Duck's Grumpy Day

    Level 2: Lulu Builds a Choo-Choo, Little Bunny Celebrates Spring, The Lucky Penny, Time for a Party

    Level 3: Robin's Best Nest, Balto the Sled Dog, In the Rain Forest, The Skeleton Crew


    How Will This Help My Child?

    • Fosters reading skills for both readers and pre-readers to expand vocabulary, hone grammar and better prepare for tests
    • Sparks interest and imagination with audio stories, a new and different way of learning
    • Increases engagement and independence with child-friendly content and interface

    Why Is This Fun for Kids?

    • Professionally voiced storytelling conveys emotion, engaging children in multisensory experiences and bringing reading to life
    • Multiple genres allow kids to choose stories that appeal to them, building a passion for reading and thinking critically
    • Wide variety of stories, themes and reading levels encourage hours of engagement and learning!

    Bamboo Learning is an education-focused software and services company with a mission to become the leader in voice-first education applications and content.

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