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Explore the world together with puzzles, books, learning toys for preschoolers and more, made especially for ages 3 to 5. When it comes to gifts for preschoolers or preschool educational toys, you’ll find products you can trust at Highlights.

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Highlights High Five magazine front cover.
High Five Magazine - 1 Year

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The Explore Summer High Five Activity Box.
High Five Activity Box Subscription

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Preschool Learning Fun Pack.
Preschool Learning Fun Pack

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15" Space Backpack Bundle.
15-inch Space Backpack Bundle

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Preschoolers, kids ages 3 to 5, love to play and explore the world around them. Here at Highlights, we've picked out books and puzzles just for them!

The best gifts for preschoolers are more than just fun; they also help kids grow and learn. At Highlights, we encourage kids to be curious, creative and feel excited to discover new things. One of our best sellers for preschoolers is our puzzle books! Featuring crosswords, word searches, mazes, Hidden Picture puzzles and brain teasers that kids love, our puzzle books help kids get better at thinking and solving problems. Plus, they can learn about all kinds of cool stuff like animals, geography and history! Crafted with preschoolers in mind, our puzzle books are made with big pictures, simple vocabulary and even stickers for extra fun!

Make learning fun with preschool educational toys! Dive into subjects like math, science, language and music through our selection of preschool learning toys. Check out our activity sets, joke books, and workbooks – they're interactive, exciting and take kids on an adventure!

Discover the best gifts for 3- to 5-year-olds online at Highlights for Children.